I-66 and Our Watersheds

On Wednesday March 25, 7:00pm at Oakton High School, the Providence District Council is hosting a public meeting with VDOT on I-66 transformation.  One of the co-sponsors of this public meeting is the Friends of Accotink Creek.  The Friends have extensively documented the damage to our Accotink Creek watershed that was caused by the I-495 Transformation a few years ago.  I-66 passes right over several Accotink tributaries, so we can count on more impacts.  Have you taken a walk on the Accotink trail lately?  It is accessible locally on Prosperity Avenue at Eaken Park.

Friends of Accotink Creek have started to document the interactions with the I-66 Transformation. One of the commenters has noticed how VDOT plans to fast track the project right through the National Environmental Policy Act process.  For those concerned about the environment and our watersheds, this is not a great start.

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