I-66 Meeting Thursday at Marshall HS

There is a community meeting scheduled with VDOT and Fallswood on Thursday, March 26 at George Marshall High School Lecture Hall. This meeting will be from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The public may attend.

George Marshall HS is on Route 7 between I-495 and I-66 (roughly across from the Tysons/Pimmit Library Branch).

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3 Responses to I-66 Meeting Thursday at Marshall HS

  1. Phil says:

    Does anyone know that http://bit.ly/I66concerns does not work?
    It’s concerning that that whoever is in charge cannot get even that right.
    Speaking of which, among all the persons appearing to present last evening (3/25) at Oakton HS, only one lady seemed to know much; and she seemed not to be in charge.
    Who is the top dog on this project? It’s a waste of time to talk to bureaucrats who only see this project as a way to keep themselves busy and having a job.
    Phil Saunders


    • Bryan says:

      I do not know who is in charge of the website that you mentioned, but I believe it is the PDC. PDC is not pushing the I-66 project, they just facilitated one meeting for folks to attend. The website was provided for comments to PDC about their meeting they held on Wednesday, not this meeting at Marshall HS on Thursday. It is not related to VDOT. VDOT’s I-66 website is transform66.org.

      The folks who are in charge of the I-66 Transformation proposal are VDOT, the Commonwealth Transportation Board (which has decision authority), and elected officials. These include the Governor of Virginia, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, and the Virginia General Assembly. Any one of those can cancel or modify the project. Additional oversight is by the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board and Federal Highway Administration.


      • Phil says:

        Bryan, thanks for your reply.

        Do you recall that the problematic URL was on the one-page flyer handed out at the meeting by whoever?

        As to who is in charge, you named 7 entities, including additional oversight. This is management by committee, and seems an ideal opportunity for no one to take responsibility for bad decisions, of which many prospects are likely is this proposal. I would include in bad decisions those made for reasons not of public good instead of private profit or greed.

        I particularly liked one lady bicyclist’s comment that we would be well served by a more-robust bus service if only the towns, county, commonwealth and federal governments wanted to put up the money. The Board of Supervisors loves mega-projects with the concept of a walkable community but cannot see its way clear to more buses.

        Also, I liked another lady’s question of why I66 HOV lanes inside the beltway could not be extended west of the beltway; I liked it because the VDOT presenter’s answer seemed to be that the questioner should ask the Secretary of the federal Department of Transportation, presumably because the lady from VDOT or wherever cannot do so.

        The politicians are in the pockets of the Big Money crowd; and the VDOT-type persons are just trying to justify their jobs by finding projects to champion.


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