Delegate Keam is Requesting YOUR Input

Do you live in Delegate Mark Keam’s District?  (District # 35, with the light blue color in the map below).  Delegate Mark Keam is requesting YOUR input to share with the Governor in mid April.  You can send your comments on I-66 Transformation to Mark at or via U.S. mail at his address below.
Delegate Mark Keam
P.O. Box 1134
Vienna, VA 22183-1134


You may also find your Virginia legislators at the Commonwealth’s official Who is My Legislator? site.

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3 Responses to Delegate Keam is Requesting YOUR Input

  1. Mark says:

    A middle of the road solution for communities between Nutley and the Beltway is to start the express lanes just to the east of Nutley St. and have six transition lanes to the beltway in each direction with no improvements on the I-66/I-495 interchange. This would reduce the footprint of the roadway as currently proposed and eliminate any flyover ramps in this corridor.

    The concept of the HOT3 lanes is not to reduce congestion. A growing region will never reduce congestion. I-95 HOT, I-495 HOT and the silver line have not “reduced” congestion. This project will not reduce congestion either. The goal of the HOT3 lanes is to provide transportation options in the corridor. VDOT has a long way to go to refine this solution, but doing nothing is not a solution.


    • Darlene Morse says:

      I do not exactly understand what VDOT is doing but I do know that our Beautiful, old treed neighborhood should not be sacrificed for congestion reduction that will not work. Our neighborhood elementary school will no longer be a safe area for our children as it will sit off a ramp without fields that our children need to play ball games. Our neighborhood will be lost due to demolition, noise and air pollution. Please protect our community from this ravaging. We want to stay intact.


  2. C. Featherston says:

    My house will be next to a very tall 5 story ramp on Pioneer Lane. All this with bring our property values down and we have to hear the noise forever since no one will want to buy our homes. The folks outside the Beltway made a conscience decision to live out in on-where-land and commute on 66. Why do we have to pay with our neighborhood and homes for their commuting ease? Why isn’t METRO being considered for construction right now? METRO could take 15 – 20,000 cars off 66. Where’s the logic VDOT????!!!!!!


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