Another Vienna Resident Raises Concerns with VDOT’s I-66 “Transformation”

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

“Virginia’s own studies show that I-66 would have to widen to nine lanes in each direction to solve the congestion problem: Transit is the only option.

A rapid bus system is overdue to connect the Orange Line commuters to Tysons Corner and the new Silver Line.

I-66 outside the Beltway has never been HOV2 during rush hour, which could reduce rush-hour congestion and allow a rapid bus system to move.

What is truly puzzling is why the Virginia Department of Transportation proposes to spend $3 billion on two lanes and pave neighborhoods when it hasn’t gone to HOV2 or developed the rapid bus system needed in the corridor.

Also puzzling is why VDOT would build towering flyover ramps to connect Transurban’s investment in Beltway HOT lanes and ruin our neighborhoods before implementing HOV2 and rapid buses.

Perhaps that’s not so puzzling. It’s all about the money. The investor is more important than the neighborhood, taxpayer, homeowner or commuter.

— Julie Hirka, Vienna


“Many people who live close to the I-66 right of way fear they will be hurt by this project. Fairfax County Supervisor Linda Q. Smyth (D-Providence) is hosting a community meeting from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Monday at Oakton High School in Vienna, where Virginia Department of Transportation representatives will talk about design modifications in response to such concerns.

Read More at the Washington Post

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