Citizens Speak Up to Officials and Media on I-66 Transformation Harmful Impacts

It’s been a busy 24 hours to Transform 66 Wisely.  Member organizations have been speaking at Fairfax County meetings, to the Commonwealth Transportation Board, and the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board.  In addition, local residents have met with top VDOT officials and several members of the media.

On Thursday May 21: Listen to NPR News on WAMU 88.5 for a radio news segment on I-66 impacts.

You can view some of the recent media coverage here.

CBS 9 video: Opponents to I-66 Expansion Prepare to Fight (5/20/2015) 

NBC 4 video: Widening I-66 to Ease Traffic Causes Concerns for Some Northern Virginia Residents (5/19/2015)

WTOP: I-66 toll lanes opponents work to save homes in lanes’ path

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