ICYMI: VDOT Proposes New Alternative Design for I-495/I-66 interchange

VDOT has published a new design for the I-495/I-66 interchange called “Alternative 2D“.

495-66 interchange alternative 2D

While progress has been made since the first iteration of the design, significant impacts still remain to be mitigated in several key areas including Stenwood Elementary School and the homes along Gallows Road, Pioneer Lane, and I-66 behind the school.

Furthermore, VDOT has yet to provide the public and decision makers with a proper evaluation of the ‘Do No Harm’ proposal despite its overwhelming support in the public hearings.

VDOT met with a few members of the community in late June to discuss the new design. A letter has been sent in response. The letter outlines the remaining significant impacts and presents suggestions and alternatives that would decrease the cost of the project and minimize the adverse impact on the surrounding communities.

This month is a critical time to reach out to decision makers to voice your concerns. VDOT is preparing to present the preferred design and financing model to the Commonwealth Transportation Board this Fall (likely at their Sept meeting) and the Transportation Planning Board (likely at their next meeting in October) for their vote of approval. Please take the time to contact your elected and appointed officials to let them know your thoughts on the project plan. (click here for contact list)

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2 Responses to ICYMI: VDOT Proposes New Alternative Design for I-495/I-66 interchange

  1. Mike says:

    Do they still plan to have the 80 ft. flyover ramps?


    • dmheier says:

      The height of the ramps have been brought down in the Alternative 2D version. The tallest ramp is now 58 ft at its highest point (which is the point at which it goes over the Metro). If you click the image in the blog post you will see the heights (This is a photo from a private meeting with VDOT. They have not published the heights on their website yet. We have asked them to please do so so that each neighborhood can assess the vertical/visual impact). Keep in mind that the heights are relative to the pavement elevation. Many of our neighborhood ground levels start higher than the pavement and so the heights relative to our neighborhoods should be less that those noted on the map.


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