VDOT Revises I-66 Environmental Assessment

VDOT has provided a revised Environmental Assessment, the document they received public comments for last June. Hundreds of comments were received on the original document about the environmental and human negative impacts of this project alone.

The January 2016 revision dismisses the majority of those public comments, including the significant impacts such as losing large amounts of forested area forever, the lost of residences near a Metro transit hub, increased stormwater and its impacts on flooding, oil/chemical pollution, and the continued deterioration of the Accotink watershed from roadway projects, acknowledging that VDOT will only consider it reasonable to build noise barriers at 30 of the 67 identified noise environment areas, paving over Conservation land and open space on the Stenwood Elementary School property,  and much more.

VDOT needs the EA to be accepted by the Federal Government in order to proceed.  A finding of a significant impact to the environment would hamper the project or require VDOT to reduce the actual environmental impacts.  .

VDOT will be receiving comments until February 9, 2016.  You can view the documents via the links below.



As reference, many of the impacts noted last Summer and Fall to VDOT still remain and are documented here if you wish to include any in your comments:

Letter to VDOT: Remaining Impacts of the Proposed Changes to the I-66/I-495 Interchange

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