WaPo’s Dr Gridlock Hosting Aubrey Layne for Online Chat, Monday 3/28 12:00 Noon

The Washington Post’s Dr Gridlock will host Virginia Secretary of Transportation, Aubrey Layne, for a live online chat on Monday 3/28/2016.  This is a great opportunity to ask your questions about the status of VDOT’s I-66 Transformation Outside the Beltway (and inside the beltway).

You will have the opportunity to inquire how the Secretary considers these projects’ effects on the environment, your communities, and the current administration’s private toll operator policies that favor long commutes via highway over existing transit oriented housing in Fairfax County.

Other potential topics of interest are the private concessionaire draft terms (including restrictions on Orange Line expansion and parallel route improvements), the lack of a cost/benefit analysis for commuters and taxpayers, and how the Commonwealth will select a 3P partner for I-66, as incumbent Virginia toll operator TransUrban remains very active in the Commonwealth’s politics.

You can ask questions and view the chat by clicking this link.

There is no need to wait until noon Monday to ask your question, the link is available to take questions right now.  (The earlier you submit a question, the higher the chance it will receive a response).




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