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Express Lanes are a Traffic Solution?

A common refrain that we hear is that we need to build Express Lanes to “solve” congestion issues.  Sounds great!  While listening to planning presentations, traffic “studies,” contractor models, and official meetings, we hear about how much of an improvement … Continue reading

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Virginia Scraps Bridge Plans Over Dunn Loring

Today on WTOP radio’s “Ask the Governor” Program, Governor McAuliffe announced that VDOT’s planned bridge over the entire Dunn Loring Metro station and Gallows Road would be removed from their Transform 66 plans. This is a significant victory and demonstrates … Continue reading

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What is VDOT Doing at Dunn Loring?

Transform 66 Wisely In-Depth Report VDOT and their private contractor currently plan to build a massive bridge over the Dunn Loring area, including the entire Metro station and Gallows Road.  We named this designed bridge as the McAuliffe Bridge in … Continue reading

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I-66 Express Lanes Hit Speed Bump Over Design Changes (WTOP)

From WTOP radio: WASHINGTON — A portion of the Interstate 66 express lanes project has been temporarily delayed because of strong opposition from neighbors worried about noise, pollution and the design. The region’s Transportation Planning Board took the unusual step … Continue reading

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VDOT’s Planned New Bridge Over Gallows Road

What will the new bridge look like that VDOT & its Concessionaire (I-66 Express Mobility Partners) have been planning for us since last year?  The tall bridge will pass over the Dunn Loring Metro station entrance and Gallows Road.  Imagine … Continue reading

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VDOT Promises I-64 HOT Lane Users the Consumer Protections that Northern Virginia Will Never Have

The Virginia Department of Transportation likes High Occupancy Toll or HOT (Express Lanes) so much, that plans are underway to add them to I-64 in the Norfolk area later this year. But there will be a key difference between I-64 … Continue reading

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I-66 Express Lanes Project Planners Run Into Major Obstacle

In March 2017, the Virginia Department of (Road) Transportation informed the Transportation Planning Board that they have discovered a traction power station at the Dunn Loring Metro station, and therefore must now build a massive multi-lane bridge structure about 4000 … Continue reading

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