VDOT’s Planned New Bridge Over Gallows Road


Artist rendering of VDOT’s future bridge over Gallows Road. This view is looking to the South. The two lane bridge will soar high above Dunn Loring Metro station as well as Gallows Road.

What will the new bridge look like that VDOT & its Concessionaire (I-66 Express Mobility Partners) have been planning for us since last year?  The tall bridge will pass over the Dunn Loring Metro station entrance and Gallows Road.  Imagine walking under this as you enter Dunn Loring Station, and the new shops & restaurants at the station.

An artist rendering made at the request of the community, based on the public information disclosed by VDOT on the proposed ramp, shows us what the new bridge will look like.

Fortunately there is still time to prevent the I-66 change from being included in new amendments to the region’s Constrained Long Range Plan.  The vote will take place at the Transportation Planning Board meeting on Wednesday April 19th at noon.

Only residents asking their representatives can put a halt to VDOT’s newly released plans to build this bridge.  You may contact Fairfax Supervisor Linda Smyth and Fairfax Supervisor Cathy Hudgins using the contact information below.  Both of these supervisors are Fairfax County’s representatives on the Transportation Planning Board.

We also recommend letting Fairfax County Chairman Sharon Bulova know your views on VDOT’s plans.

Supervisor Linda Q. Smyth, TPB Member
Phone: 703-560-6946
Supervisor Cathy Hudgins, TPB Member
Phone: 703-478-0283

Email: catherine.hudgins@fairfaxcounty.gov

Fairfax County Chairman Sharon Bulova

Phone: 703-324-2321
Twitter: @SharonBulova
Email: chairman@fairfaxcounty.gov



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