Virginia Scraps Bridge Plans Over Dunn Loring

Today on WTOP radio’s “Ask the Governor” Program, Governor McAuliffe announced that VDOT’s planned bridge over the entire Dunn Loring Metro station and Gallows Road would be removed from their Transform 66 plans.

This is a significant victory and demonstrates that significant community input with elected officials can make a positive difference. As the Governor said, this was cancelled due to your community input.

But much more remains to be done to reduce VDOT & Co.’s plans to replace much of the Vienna and Dunn Loring community with more pavement, polluted storm water impacts, blight, and noise.

From WTOP:

WASHINGTON — Plans to build a flyover ramp near the Dunn Loring Metro Station as part of the Interstate 66 express lanes project have been scrapped, Gov. Terry McAuliffe said Wednesday.

Neighbors complained that updated design plans released in March were worse than the initial design and said that the state transportation officials weren’t listening to their concerns regarding noise, light and the aesthetics of the design.
“We’re canceling it because of the public input,” McAuliffe said.
The decision was made last week during a meeting at the governor’s office, he said.
Another solution will have to be found to accommodate, or possibly move, a Metro power substation to make room for the extra lanes.
The $2.3 billion project will add two express lanes in both directions along the interstate from the Capital Beltway to Gainesville.
The revised plans called for building a tall flyover ramp that would cross above the substation, a pedestrian bridge and Gallows Road.

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