VDOT I-66 June 2017 Plan Comments Due 6/30

Earlier in June 2017, VDOT unveiled revised plans for I-66 at several public meetings.  These plans include significant changes to the designs at Nutley Street, Vienna and Dunn Loring/Merrifield.  The changes also include a grade elevation increase for I-66 at the Capital Beltway, with significantly higher ramps, retaining walls, and structures towering over backyards and local roads.  VDOT and its partner wants to rebuild the entire junction (constructed in 2012) to make it significantly more complicated and damaging to the local area, with little thought on impacts to the local community that Fairfax County has been encouraging to develop.
Please continue to voice your concerns about the issues with the I-66 Outside the Beltway project and the impacts to the Dunn Loring/Vienna community.  Take a moment to email your responses to the 5 comment questions below to Transform66@VDOT.Virginia.gov  (reference “Transform 66 Outside the Beltway” in the subject line), and be sure to copy your elected officials in the email.
Some talking points to consider:
  • Express lanes are not solving traffic congestion
  • Reduce vertical and horizontal footprint
  • Need improved soundwalls in surrounding neighborhoods
  • Need storm water management plans
  • Loss of Stenwood school property and treeline
  • Impact of the widening of Gallows Rd to 6 lanes
  • Safety improvements on Gallows Rd
  • Minimize construction disruptions and impacts to residents
  • Reasonable terms for Right of Way acquisitions
  • Concerns with another “Springfield mixing bowl” at 495/66 interchange
  • Concerns with heavy tractor trailers being allowed on 70 MPH Express lanes and neighborhood streets
  • Concerns with high toll price (higher toll price if tractor trailers are allowed on Express lanes)
  • Safety and privacy concerns for bike lanes being in neighborhoods and school area
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