Comment on I-66 Design by November 29

VDOT is accepting comments on the “final” I-66 freeway design through Wednesday, November 29, 2017. It is hard to say what the final design is for a design/build project until construction is well underway, but please send in your comments. VDOT states that they want to hear from you and they take comments seriously, so please prove them right (or wrong).

Are you interested in construction disruption due to overpass bridge demolition and rebuilding? Would you like sidewalks on nearby streets that are being moved by construction, for example Prosperity Avenue in Merrifield? Do you care about noise limits and monitoring during construction and the removal of sound walls for the loudest construction phase in local neighborhoods?

Would you like to ensure your Metrorail commute is not disrupted for months by station entrance demolition and power feed replacement?

Are you interested in ensuring local neighborhoods are protected from the project with new sound walls and carefully placed freeway lighting? Are you wondering why VDOT says it needs an elevated flyover structure to move eastbound traffic to the adjacent toll eastbound lanes near Dunn Loring, while VDOT says slip ramps are just fine for similar movements on I-95?

Please send in your comments to VDOT at the following email address:

You may also share ideas here by leaving a comment on this page, however this will not send your comments to VDOT.

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