Transform I-66 Outside-the-Beltway UPDATE Meeting 9/12/2018 8:00pm, Providence Community Center

Everyone is encouraged to attend a meeting with VDOT and its private concessionaire company who is expanding I-66 from the Capital Beltway to Haymarket, Virginia.

Transform I-66 Outside-the-Beltway UPDATE Meeting

Presenter: Virginia Department of Transportation and Express Mobility Partners (private partner building and operating HOT lanes)

Location:   Providence Community Center, 3001 Vaden Drive Fairfax, VA, 22031

Date:         September 12, 2018

Time:        8:00 pm

We do not know the format of the presentation but we are hopeful to learn information on the following subjects:

  1. If and when disruptions to metro service at Dunn Loring metro station are planned;
  2. If and when disruptions will occur at the Gallows and Cedar bridges for cars;
  3. If and when disruptions to the pedestrian sidewalks at the Gallows and Cedar bridges;
  4. Schedule of night work and information on noise and light pollution during work;
  5. Will demolition be permitted at night and if so will neighborhoods be notified of such night demolition and how much notice will be provided;
  6. Information on when sound barriers are being removed, how long they will down, and characteristics of replacement sound barriers (height, aesthetics, etc.);
  7. When will sound wall next to Stenwood elementary be removed, how long it will be gone. Will work and workers be on school premises while school is in session;
  8. Will workers working near Stenwood elementary go through background check; and
  9. Information on location of new metro substation at Dunn Loring station.

Meeting Sponsored by Providence District Council.  Any meeting location/time changes will be posted first on PDC’s website.


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