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VDOT and Toll Contractors Plan New Looping Roller Coaster Nutley Street Interchange Design

This fall, VDOT has been hard at work releasing changes to I-66 design plans, and there still is no public meeting announced to communicate the latest designs.  Who knows what other secret changes are lurking behind locked doors at VDOT … Continue reading

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I-66 Project Requests Army Corps of Engineers Permits – Comments Close Sept 4

Would you like to help your local wetlands and basements from I-66 expansion impacts, flooding, and pollution? Transform 66 Wisely has been made aware that FAM Construction, I-66 Express Mobility Partners, and VDOT have applied for (Clean Water Act) waterway … Continue reading

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VDOT’s I-66 Project Seeks to Sneak More Design Changes Without Public Process

Not content with merely adding tractor-trailers and hazardous material tanker trucks to the I-66 “Express Lanes” after the public review and environmental hearings concluded, VDOT and its chosen contractors are seeking more unfavorable changes. VDOT’s chosen contractor I66 Express Mobility … Continue reading

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Custis Memorial Parkway: Few I-66 Toll Cheaters Caught in First 4 Months of Restrictions

Just 0.007 percent of Custis Memorial Parkway (I-66 Inside the Beltway) vehicles during the toll periods have been caught cheating.  That’s a very low ratio.  Solo drivers with no passengers are supposed to pay a toll, but if there are … Continue reading

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Are FAM Construction, CINTRA, or VDOT Contractors Requesting to Access Your Property?

Transform 66 Wisely has learned that a VDOT Contractor, FAM Construction, has been asking for access to private property near I-66.  Their claimed reason has been to “verify” utilities or drill for soil boring samples.  If this happens to you, … Continue reading

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