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Transurban Ready to March North to DC

A private toll company is about to get a huge holiday present from Virginia taxpayers, who will again be forced to pay tolls to use the highway they already built and paid for.  Why is Virginia about to give away … Continue reading

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Act Now! Send your I-66 Comments to the TPB by Saturday 10/10

The Transportation Planning Board (TPB) is responsible for approving all changes to the DC Region’s Long Range Plan, which is needed before federal funding can be applied.  With a billion dollars or more of public funding (in addition to tolls), … Continue reading

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VDOT Shows its Preferred Plan for I-66 HOT lanes

The Virginia Department of (Road) Transportation has indicated what plan it prefers for the I-66 Express Lanes project.  Although VDOT had indicated it will shorten the project, the reduction will take place at the western end of the project. The … Continue reading

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I-66 Transformation May Affect Other Highway Improvements in Northern Virginia

WTOP has an article describing the I-66 funding options and impacts an I-66 transformation can have on other roads in Northern Virginia. There are currently two funding options under consideration by the Virginia Department of (Road) Transportation (VDOT) and the … Continue reading

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I-66 Congestion? Do “Something!”

Like many urban and suburban freeways around the country, I-66 gets congested.  The local politicians want to do something about it.  Sounds great!  Unfortunately there is a disconnect between the desire to fix a problem and the actual solution. Some … Continue reading

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I-66, A Highway Symphony

A few years ago, VDOT produced a creative solution to congestion on I-66.  The road agency proposed and contracted for an “active traffic management system” (ATMS).   The $32+ Million ATMS would use electronic sensors, communications, new cameras, and most … Continue reading

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Virginia’s Public/Private Partnership Experience

Public/Private Partnerships (P3) have been in the news a lot recently in Virginia.  The I-495 Express Lanes project was one of the first big P3 transportation deals, followed by the I-95 Express Lanes.  Although both were touted as private industry … Continue reading

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Area Groups To Discuss I-66 & Screen GrowthBusters This Friday 7/10/2015

Transform 66 Wisely is passing along the following event information.  This looks to be an interesting evening with a screening of the film GrowthBusters and a discussion featuring Northern Virginia transportation issues including I-66. The Great Falls Group of the … Continue reading

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VDOT Quietly Publishes I-66 Concession Terms

VDOT and Virginia’s Office of Public-Private Partnerships have recently published their Transform 66 Draft Terms (business terms) for a Public/Private Partnership (P3) for I-66, and those terms are quite interesting.  This is the language likely to be adopted into any … Continue reading

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Thank you to all who sent comments to VDOT and asked them to hear your concerns

VDOT’s comment period for the I-66 Outside the Beltway Tier 2 Assessment closed on June 18, 2015. Thank you to all who took the time to send in your comments to VDOT about the effects of this project.  Keep watching … Continue reading

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