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The Cities Doubling Down on Highways

Kimberly writes us to mention an excellent article in The Atlantic, “The Cities Doubling Down on Highways.  Physically expanding roads doesn’t cure congestion. So why are places like Arkansas spending millions to do just that? The real answer is similar … Continue reading

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TPB Accepting Comments for I-66 Outside the Beltway for Air Quality Testing

The Metropolitan Washington Transportation Planning Board (TPB) is considering air quality conformity testing that will support adding I-66 Corridor Improvements Outside the Beltway to their Financially Constrained Long Range Plan (CLRP).  The project needs to be added to the CLRP … Continue reading

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Transurban Ready to March North to DC

A private toll company is about to get a huge holiday present from Virginia taxpayers, who will again be forced to pay tolls to use the highway they already built and paid for.  Why is Virginia about to give away … Continue reading

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VDOT Shows its Preferred Plan for I-66 HOT lanes

The Virginia Department of (Road) Transportation has indicated what plan it prefers for the I-66 Express Lanes project.  Although VDOT had indicated it will shorten the project, the reduction will take place at the western end of the project. The … Continue reading

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I-66 Transformation May Affect Other Highway Improvements in Northern Virginia

WTOP has an article describing the I-66 funding options and impacts an I-66 transformation can have on other roads in Northern Virginia. There are currently two funding options under consideration by the Virginia Department of (Road) Transportation (VDOT) and the … Continue reading

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I-66 Congestion? Do “Something!”

Like many urban and suburban freeways around the country, I-66 gets congested.  The local politicians want to do something about it.  Sounds great!  Unfortunately there is a disconnect between the desire to fix a problem and the actual solution. Some … Continue reading

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Do No Harm: Community Leaders Propose Alternative to VDOT’s Plans for the I-495/I-66 Interchange

Transform 66 Wisely would like to make you aware of an alternative to the 495/66 interchange that would significantly reduce the financial cost and footprint of the ‘Outside the Beltway’ project. Specifically, we support the proposal to end the I-66 … Continue reading

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Another Vienna Resident Raises Concerns with VDOT’s I-66 “Transformation”

Dear Dr. Gridlock: “Virginia’s own studies show that I-66 would have to widen to nine lanes in each direction to solve the congestion problem: Transit is the only option. A rapid bus system is overdue to connect the Orange Line … Continue reading

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Microtransit is Changing Urban Mobility

Are regional planners fixated on individual cars on highways as their preferred transportation mode?  Perhaps the familiar path–cars, lanes, and tolls–is the simplest or easiest mode for government agencies to recommend, but new (and not-so-new) models have been emerging as … Continue reading

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