Huge Turnout at VDOT Meeting Over I-66 Widening Concerns

It was great to see over 280 neighbors turn out to ask questions and get answers from VDOT and elected officials today about I-66 widening through our neighborhoods.  In addition to so many concerned residents, Delegate Marcus Simon, Delegate Mark Keam, State Senator Chap Petersen, and Fairfax County Supervisor Linda Smyth listened and spoke.

Virginia Patch covered our meeting and also is providing much information and Points of Contact about Virginia’s Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB).   As Susan Shaw, PE from VDOT mentioned, the CTB is a key decision making body over the project.  They deserve to hear your input about what this planned project is doing to the community.

Another decision making board is the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board, which needs to support the project prior to necessary federal funding being appropriated.

I presented a list of questions about community impacts and perceived benefits from this project.  Those questions are being sent to  VDOT for response and will be available online soon as well.

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