Act Now! Send your I-66 Comments to the TPB by Saturday 10/10

The Transportation Planning Board (TPB) is responsible for approving all changes to the DC Region’s Long Range Plan, which is needed before federal funding can be applied.  With a billion dollars or more of public funding (in addition to tolls), TPB approval is crucial to the project getting a green light.

Many forces been lobbying the TPB to approve the I-66 Express Lanes project as proposed by VDOT, without regard to the impacts to the transit oriented communities in Vienna, Oakton, and Dunn Loring, in addition to unmitigated storm water damages, and impacts to our schools and limited green space.  Now is YOUR  chance to weigh in!

The TPB is still accepting public comments through Saturday, October 10 at midnight.  Please take a few minutes to send them your comments online.  The Board would be most interested in your comments on air quality/environmental concerns and financial costs of project. Suggested conditions on the project (if it must be approved at all) are also very welcome.

Click here to send your TPB Comments on I-66 before it is too late!

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